New Botchit & Scarper: Fireteam – Hit List (Interview)

At the start of 2013 Mekar, Trimer & Smokesta decided to link up to to pool their creativity and work on their new project Fireteam.

Mekar is no stranger to the rave scene. His lyrical flow has been tearing down raves from London to Ibiza with many apperences on radio stations such as the legendary Kool Fm, BBC 1 xtra & Kiss FM
2014 saw the release of his self written and prodcued Drum & Bass debut album ‘First to Arrive’ which showcases his talent as a producer aswell as a MC.

Smokesta, as a DJ, he has been present on the scene for a number of years, playing regularly on stations such Kool Fm as well as at various Drum & Bass raves across the capital. He has had solo releases on Emotif with radio support on radio from the likes of Eddy Temple Morris on XFM & The Wideboys on KISS FM.
Trimer’s vibe and passion for the music really comes across through his energic and explosive DJ sets. He currently holds a residency on the award winning station Rough Tempo.

We caught up with Smokesta to chat about the new release:

Hi, please tell us where you’re from.
Smokesta: South London.

How would you describe your music taste when you were younger?
Smokesta: Mainly Hip Hop/Reggae until dance music caught my ear.

Please tell us what triggered your interest in making music and what happened from then on.
Smokesta: A friend of mine, Kilian, set up a studio at his in 1996 and I’ve been djing 3 or 4 years at that point and couldn’t wait to get in the studio.

What do you remember of your first gigs you’ve played?
Smokesta: Myself, MC Semtex and MC Unique were residents at a little club in Rochester called the Underground and my first big one was Jungle Fever @ London Astoria.

Please tell us about the labels you have released music on and other artists you have collaborated with in the past?
Smokesta: I put some music on Trouble on vinyl, Caution/ G Note and worked with to many artists to mention but Kele, Le Roc and Vybez Cartel to name a few.

When and why did you guys decide to make music together as ‘Fireteam’?
Smokesta: Around last year I’d say, Mekar approached me with the idea

If your music style was and animal what would it be and why?
Smokesta: An ox, because our music’s strong!!!

Which of your gigs stands out as the most memorable one of your career till now?
Smokesta: All the Jungle Fever and Kool fm gigs – great memories!

If you’re not busy with music, what is your #1 thing to do?
Smokesta: Being a Dad and apart from that its always music!

What’s on the agenda for the rest of the year?
Smokesta: More music!!!

Check the video out HERE and buy the release HERE.


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