Mella Dee releases Rhythm Nation beat tape on Digital Soundboy

Mella Dee is quickly becoming a prominent name within the bass music world, and his latest release for Digital Soundboy just proves it. Each track has a big old skool breaks feel, with heavy 808 basslines that are sure to have any club bouncing. We caught up with Mella Dee ahead of the Rhythm Nation release date and asked him a few questions.

Give us some background about yourself and how you came about getting a release on Digital Soundboy?

I’ve been making music for about 7 or 8 years now, basically my sound is all about the UK and the different vibes we bring in terms of dance music, the Digital Soundboy link just came about from Shy hearing ‘Gt Turbo’ when Mele played it in Sheffield as a dub basically, went from there and we got the release together.

The upcoming release features 2 tracks, ’Heaven’ and ‘Talkin’. Have you had any surprises from the support you’ve received?

All sorts really, not exactly names in particular. It’s more a case of people from different scenes who play different styles picking up on stuff and supporting, I guess the retro aspect of it attracts people, specially from the Uk as Hardcore/Jungle are such a huge part of our culture

What would you say your chosen style of music is and how has it changed over the years?

Its just UK really, Hardcore, Garage, Jungle, Grime whatever really its just a mix of all these influences into my own take on them, not one specific style. Theres always traces of the different styles in my tracks, even if one of them is more obvious.

AS 2015 gets underway what are you plans for the year?

Well now the beat tape has dropped its all just putting in work on the next release, and keeping going, i’ve always produced a lot of music, and I never really stop, just keep on with that and working hard to make the best I can really.

The Rhythm Nation beat tape is available to download for free at


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