Dreadzones Greatest Gig Moments


Ahead of their latest release ‘Fire In The Dark’ we caught up with Greg from Dreadzone to get him top 3 memorable moments in Dreadzone’s 21 year history.

No 1. Trekonner festival
Our second show after forming in 1993 along with The Orb, System 7 ,Darren Emerson & Paul Daley. From sunset to sunrise an all nighter on a metal floating stage a mile out to sea at a wartime sea fortress in Copenhagen harbor. If the setting and line up wasn’t magical enough it was a truly memorable performance, pure acid dub techno filmed by Don Letts and as Melody Maker put it so well in a review ‘they skimmed their beats across the water’

No 2. Glastonbury Dance tent 1995.
After a momentous show the day before on the NME stage we followed up with a classic DZ set on Sunday afternoon, back in the day when dance music was all in one huge tent. 8000 people crammed and overflowing lapped up a more experimental set from us which will live on in memory starting from a chilled position upwards in intensity to a throbbing climax.

No 3 Sunrise Festival 2006
One of the last ever shows with my late brother Steve recorded for an album ‘Live at Sunrise’ which was released in the autumn to coincide with a tour which was cancelled due to the tragic loss the day before it started. This show had a real magic to it and so pleased it was recorded for posterity, a recording for all time that is close to our hearts.

Fire In The Dark remix Ep is OUT NOW


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