Toronto Is Broken’s Top 5 Tunes In His Bag

Bass music heavyweight Toronto Is Broken gives us the top 5 tunes he’s playing right now.

EastColors – Watch Out (Enei Remix)
Absolutely love the groove to this one. The reggae vocals work so well with the deep, techy bassline and atmospheres.

Toronto Is Broken – LV-426
Taken from my album, this is personally my favorite one to play out, tends to send the place a little mad.

Sub Focus – Follow The Light
This track is perfect from some really nice harmonic double-drops. There was also three, slightly different, versions of this track released so it can really is pretty flexible to work with when mixing.

I Am Legion – Stresses Pt.I
I have never heard a bass sound like this before in my life. I always catches the crowd off-guard and they always demand a rewind on this one! Also due to the abstract intro, it works well as a transition tune.

Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air (Feat. Purity Ring)
I think I fangirl over Jon Hopkins far too much. Nevertheless, the production and composition in this is so flawless, and I love this reinterpretation of his own track taken from his last album “Immunity”.

Toronto Is Broken – Section Nine is out now and available from:

iTunes (Digital)
Beatport (Digital)
JunoDownload (Digital)
Amazon (CD)
Slayers Store (CD)


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