Smithmonger is back on Menu Music


You’ve played an essential role in the Breaks world ten years back and decided to put out a new release this year. Please elaborate on your come back (please go in-depth with this one).

Wow! 10 years is a bit long! My last release was at the end of 06 so that makes 8 yrs by my watch! Anyway I moved my family back to Aus from London at the end of 06 as I really couldn’t make a living from production like I could 5 years earlier. I call it ‘the great crash’ – when kids started downloading music instead of paying for it. We all watched our revenue go from thousands to virtually nothing overnight. I decided to get a job after 10 years as a full time muso and started working as a graduate engineer (i did the degree before becoming a DJ/producer). This was a hard for me. Being subordinate and wearing a suit everyday are things I had not ever done but thats life isn’t it? deal with it and try and make a go of it as best you can. There was about 12 months when I did’t write anything or even look at a computer for music. I got back into trumpet which I majored on at University and started playing jazz/funk gigs again which was really fun. At the beginning of 08 I started producing flat out again and started a couple of bands which didn’t work out. Then I started producing by myself again after various people let me down in the bands. I produced a heap of broken beat, house, techno and drum and bass calling myself all sorts of pseudonyms but essentially I just could not break through as I had no contacts in Australia – left em all in London! I think the full time job also influenced the intensity at which I could promote my music and develop a profile.
Anyway at the beginning of 2013 I started writing monger tunes again and I found I had really missed the breaks. I nailed down 3 strong concepts and then started working on remixes in the hope that the total package (8 cuts in total!) would be irresistible to the labels I sent them to. Anyway I had heaps of interest and Jay and Terry were by far the most enthusiastic so I agreed to release all three with Menu.
I guess if you want to move countries and start a new career its gonna take some time to get back to where you were artistically. About 8 years in this case!

Please tell us about your forthcoming release on Menu.

The tune was written in Hobart Tasmania, which has a lot of great musicians and singers. I got local singer Matilda Martin to sing the vocals and she’s done a great job. Really pretty voice and lovely tone.
I finished the first mix (breaks) and sent it down to Syrup nightclub for a test and it sounded really huge. I knocked out a 2step mix to appeal to a more extensive breaks spectrum.
The tunes initially got some excellent interest from KlubKids and Lot49 but I wanted to sign all 6 to one label as a package to get maximum momentum going over 2015 and Jay and Terry were happy to do this so here we are on Menu!

What else do you have lined up this year?

I’ve got another release called ‘Lovely Day’ lined up. Its got a ‘sweet as’ tech-house mix, hard as nails breaks mix and I’ll finish the last mix before that one comes out later in the year.
Also I’ll be smashing out some gigs if I can manage to convince any Aussie promoters to book a breaks/house artist! – Thats if I get time in-between working and surfing my arse off – We are living in Ballina (just south of Byron Bay) and it’s beautiful. our house it 3 minutes from the beach and this place just makes me want to write tunes all the time.

Buy it HERE.


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