Smooth’s Top 5 DnB tunes of all time


We caught up with Smooth to find out about his personal Top 5 Drum and Bass tunes of all time:

1. Aphrodite – Karma sutra

“This has to be #1 because it was the first drum and bass tune i ever heard and it sort of drove me away from being a complete hardcore,metal,punk,etc etc music fan. a gem i will never forget!”

2. The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot

“Just an all out dance floor banger. Its crazy how The Prototypes pulled off this perfect mixture of drum and bass and big room. Huge ! ”

3.Culture Shock – Troglodyte

“Had to go with a heavy weight again. Such a twisted and dark stomper. And i have a lot of respect for his unique and insane production skills.”

4. Shockone – Polygon

“Another big one from our camp. This one is a bit older but i think if he released it today it would still sound fresh. Love his production and his style and also the VIP of this monster of a tune”

5. Matrix and Futurebound – Skyscraper

“Even tho i absolutely love what they are doing today I had to go with an older one from them for this list. I had their “Universal Truth” album in my car on repeat for a really long time. So it has
a special place in my heart :)”

Make sure to check his current release on Viper Recordings:

Buy it HERE.


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