Interview: Future Follower Records

baduga-acidfunkremixes 600

The highly acclaimed Portuguese DJ/Producer known as Baduga shook dancefloors around the world with the original “Acid Funk” EP. This time we bring together a whole host of creative individuals who have reworked every track from that release to create “Remixes” an EP that picks up where he left off, continuing to push genre boundaries. We caught up with NAZA to get to know more about his new label ‘Future Follower Records’.

For those who don’t know you, please tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is NAZA I’m a deejay and all-round good guy.

How did the idea for the label come along?
I’m a Christian, the idea to start a label just seemed to be the obvious thing to be doing, like a calling, if you can understand that. Its what I’m supposed to be doing.

How would you describe the sound of the label?
Three years ago our sound was predominantly Dubstep, we still put out the deeper side of Dubstep, but as the music has mutated and drawn influence from other styles so we have broadened our sounds to include Future Garage and more forward thinking Bass music. Simply put I’d just say we put out good music.

What have been your personal label highlights so far?
Nothing really sticks out in my mind above anything else, its just nice to keep doing this.

Which artists should we keep an eye on?
I would have to say all the artists we work with are worth keeping an eye on, but my personal favourite currently is ASMR a talented young producer from Canada.

What kind of releases have you lined up?
Too many, you’ll just have to keep your eyes out for Future Follower Records in 2015.

Buy it HERE.


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