2DB – Check Out The Bounce / Quaalude [Technique Recordings]

When the mighty Drumsound and Bassline Smith adopt their 2DB persona you know there’s some serious rave destruction coming. While the label bosses have played an integral part in the rise of the big-room D&B sound, they’ve still got their roots in the underground. This raw and gritty guise recently surfaced on the monumental “15 Years of Technique” album to deliver the vicious “Terrahawk”, and now there’s something new for filth-connoisseurs to get their ears around.

As we get into “Check Out The Bounce”, we’re left in no doubt that this is meant to raise the temperature in the rave. A gangsta staccato synth pattern, undercurrents of squelching bass and an eponymous vocal sample signal that it’s time to step up on the floor. The drop delivers a powerful dose of twisting and fluctuating bass, emphasised by a sparse and insistent beat. This is music to move to, pure and simple.

“Quaalude” is anything but a sedative. A seductive cloud of atmospheric strings creates a hands-in-the-air vibe, punctured and reshaped by a synth riff in the high end. This riff drives us all the way into the drop of serrated bass, reforming again into part of the rhythm pattern. This track takes sounds on a journey, recontextualising them along the way. And the party is taken along for the ride, effortlessly gliding from laidback to rave-mode.

Here are two more reasons why the 2DB name is an undisputed seal of dancefloor quality. This production team is constantly able to modulate their formula, creating multiple vibes and moods to reinterpret their genre. In short, if it’s 2DB, you know it’s going to be big.

Available to Pre-Order here:


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