Kraymon – Real Gold Squares EP [Sound Of Habib]


The work of Bristolian Pete Horsham has never sounded quite like anything else. Not fifteen years ago when he first announced himself, and certainly not now. While the intervening years have seen Kraymon traverse a range of soundscapes – and perhaps trade the full-on for a touch of understatement – his constants have always been superb melodies, extraordinarily nimble drums, and unerring quality. This very special SOH release finds him in finer form than ever.

Kicking off with lush, harp-like synths and muted notes of yesteryear rave, this original by Kraymon builds patiently into a wonderfully full-blooded affair. With one foot in the broken-beat fold and another subtly placed in the realm of classic deep house, ‘Real Gold Squares’ holds plenty of crossover appeal and will reward repeat listens with manifold touches of instrumentation that seem to hail from a dozen different places, yet combine into one harmonious whole.

Delicate, 2-steppish percussion combines with ethereal pads, deftly edited vocals and a beautifully deep bassline to create as warm and soothing a ride as you’re likely to experience all year. To say more would be redundant. Just press play.

SOH regular Angel Blanilla capitalises on the 2-step influence of the original by underpinning it with a bubbling pulse of a bassline and intermittent movements of fattened snares. Losing none of the original’s grandeur, this excellent rework will bring an early floor up a notch as comfortably as it will usher in the coming of dawn.

Buy the release HERE:


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