Chopstick Dubplate – Chopstick In Wonderland [Chopstick Dubplate]

Chopstick Dubplate - Chopstick In Wonderland 785

From Birmingham to London and through the Rabbit Hole, 90’s underground icon Cheshire Cat, known for his work with Leftfield and Bally Sagoo, appeared floating in a tree outside the studio. The control room was immediately transported by the power of Jah Ionizer to Wonderland. Aries & Jacky put the headphones out the window, held the mic, and recorded Cheshire Cat’s fantastic allegorical fables of life, love, women and weed.

Five riveting tales of adventure start with classic lover’s music meets bubbling jungle on ‘I’m Sure’, a romantic conversation from the man who’s normally happy with ‘Just the Herbs’. Cheshire explains just how much lyric can come from results of exposure to the healing of the nation. Of course no conversation about the trees can be complete without the appearance of a ‘Police Officer’, and the sage advice given by Mr. Cat would be well overstood and heeded by overzealous constabulary, globally. Moving forward, ‘Troddin On’ reveals an irrepressibly positive point of view and the reason that Cheshire Cat is always smiling when he throws his corn. Since the 90’s he was known in the dance as ‘Bounty Hunter’, and to complete the musical selection for this EP we dug deep into our soundclash collection for some authentic cassette flavour!



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