NOISLY FESTIVAL 2015 – Dephicit Festival Survival Guide


Noisily Festival 2014 Official Video

The Noisily Festival is coming up on 9th to 12th July. So we caught up with Dephicit get his essentials to survive a summer festival.


– Somewhere safe to put your tech – on serious note, I myself and I know of many others that have been done by opportunistic scumbags.
– Suncream – because burning and gurning sucks
– Don’t smash it to hard on first night – I’ve missed more Saturday nights than id like to admit due to an all or nothing first friday.
– Buy more booze than you can carry – so you get a free restock on sat night.
– Sandwiches and crisps for those late night tent sessions.
– Make sure you eat well if you want to last the distance – this is followed by always bring extra bog roll (and Toothbrush to wash away your sins)
– Decent footwear and clothes for all occasions.
– Houmous. Loads of freakin Houmous.
– Don’t bring ALL your gear – easy to lose/break stuff, plus part of the fun is running round the stages 10 mins before your set trying frantically to get a mic stand. Or maybe its not.

A little about Dephicit
Influenced from every type of underground, psychedelic and floor filling dance music, James Stafford aka Dephicit has been fulfilling the dark desires of the citizens audio receptors with chunky rhythmic bass and twisted riddims since 2005.
We caught up with Dephicit to get his top tips to survive a festival.

Grab yourself a free track from Dephicit here.

Tim Healey – Noisily Virgin Mix

Listen to Tim Healey – Noisily Virgin Mix HERE

These guys are defiantly our personal musical highlights, but the line-up is chock-full is top-notch talent. Check out the full line-up HERE

You can grab your ticket HERE

For more information on the festival see below

Photos from 2014 HERE


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