Freestylers’ Top 5 Summer Tunes

Sun is shining, temperature is through the roof, Summer is officially here and the vibes are duty. Fresh from the fields of Glastonbury, Freestylers drop a new Summer mix to promote their forthcoming single on Instant Vibes ‘Rude Bwoy’ – a collaboration with Major Lazer artists and Dancehall’s hottest act RDX. Sub-woofer smashing, rib cage rattling, Freestylers ‘Rude Bwoy’ Summer Mix showcases the current sound of Freestylers. Jam packed with Summer vibes, the roots run deep in this mix.

On top of that, Freestylers named their top 5 tunes of the summer:

1. The Freestylers –  Rude Bwoy ( COMING SOON)

2. 273 –  DJ Zinc

3. Chemical Brothers –  GO

4. Sigma – Glitterball (D’Silva Remix)

5. Kinetic – Golden Girls (Pirate Jams Remix)


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