Salaryman – Top 5 Festival Bangers

Salaryman & War Machine’s latest release ‘Night Shift’ is rocking our world right now and you can get on  Techniques Summer Selection compilation.

We caught up with Salaryman to find out his: TOP 5 FESTIVAL D&B BANGERS:

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Memories [Technique]

The head honchos of Technique recordings are providing us massive bangers for over 15 years now, and when you listen to this tune, you know that they won’t stop soon!

Mind Vortex – Bigger Than That feat. Evil B [Ram Records]

Just need to listen to the heavy Hip Hop intro of this tune to figure out that what will follow just gonna blow your ears!

Kronology – Untouchable [Technique]

Over the few past months, the US duo stood out with catchy dancefloor tunes, and “Untouchable”, thanks to its hooky lead and generous bassline, is a good example of their big skills.

DJ SKT – Take Me Away feat. Rae (Andy C remix) [Azuli Records]

The Ram Records godfather takes on this nice House/Garage track drives me nuts! I really like the way he rearranged the deep sounds of the original tune into an impressive smasher.

Salaryman – Heart & Soul [Sub Slayers]

I don’t think I’m a kind of bangers producer, I’m just experimenting things and see how it sounds. But all the feedback I received on this tune report that it can cause serious damage to the dance floor!



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