Cosmic Bridge launches CBD

Cosmic Bridge launches its newly minted CBD (Cosmic Bridge Digital) imprint with the Innermost EP from Bristolian producer Neuropol.

Following releases for Shogun Audio’s sister label SGN:LTD and Bristol’s Inflect, Innermost is an autobiographical hybrid of bass, hip-hop, footwork and field recording influenced Drum’n’Bass.

Label head Om Unit says…

“Neuropol has a rare blend of skills and history that mean he can put his life experience and his technical talent into his music, with this project he’s really exploring an uplifting and emotive feel similar to modern pop which appealed to me instantly, given that he’s taken that pop feel and melded it with some of the vibe we have pushed with the label already in a very tasteful way”

The EP’s opener “No More” makes the whole record worth your attention alone; Neuropol calls on the vocal talents of singer Marlene Abuah and together they tenderly build on the timeless Bristol sound, updating with 160 halftime tempo, Reese bass and lump-in-throat brilliance. Poignant, icy and intense they inject emotion and personal experience into a beautiful, forlorn, filmic palette making it almost impossible not to feel something deep lurking amongst the slowfast production flourishes.

“The Rise” goes harder, hi-tech halfstep borrowing from the syntax of collaborator Om Unit’s 160 footwork/jungle explorations with rhythmic swagger and rasping staccato synth stabs it’s hyper-funk under aerated sweeping orchestral chords. More Multi-layered business on “Mile Out”; Think breaks, contemporary jungle grammar and uplifting piano motifs spar deftly with half-time hip hop bounce, sculpted atmosphere, melodic sub bass and ricochet rimshots.

Pensive stepper “25th Hour” closes the EP, pulsing with dub delay and reverb. The ever present emotive and cinematic qualities of Neuropol’s music are as pronounced here as anywhere in the record, wide arcing synth pads and sound system sonics providing further moments of climax/collapse to the subtle soul and vulnerability that pervade the whole record.

Innermost EP is released on 20th November on Cosmic Bridge’s new CBD Imprint which is designed to showcase new music and new artists in a more direct way in this ever-shifting musical landscape.



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