Fallen 45’s Top 5 Classic Dubstep Tunes

Hailing from Manchester newcomer Fallen 45 provides four heavyweight tracks for his debut release on Dub Police entitled TO FALL OR FLY.

Having collaborated with fellow Mancunian Biome last year on ‘Lost’, the track was quickly snapped up by heritage Dubstep label Tempa as well as being featured within The Others ‘MyStyle 004’ compilation at the tail end of 2014.Ahead of the release of his Dub Police EP we asked him about his Top 5 classic Dubstep tracks.

5) Coki – Haunted: the track that changed the course of my life I didn’t really know what dubstep was until I heard this at a very Early DMZ. I was a Grime to Dubstep convert from that moment!

4) Caspa – Cockney Flute: A powerhouse of a track at the early nights I hosted in Manchester instantly recognisable coming through a mix when it dropped it was game over!

3) D1 – Crack Bong (Loefah Remix) encapsulates early dubstep so well!! just dark with odd textures and menacing bass and melodies

2) Various Production – Hater: Such an overlooked tune also has a brilliant version with Wiley on called ‘I’m a Sinner’ that has an amazing stop start flow with brilliant vocals the album ‘the world is gone’ is a very important album to me

1) Mala – Neverland/Changes: Both amazing tracks that i first heard on a John Peel mix they did that was in 2004!!! 11 years ago!! both tracks are timeless masterpieces

Photo Credit: Zeyd Ayoob



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