Redlight LP: X Colour

Brand new album out today and it’s sounding big!


“I’m very proud to announce my debut album ‘X Colour’ is out now. It’s been an exciting creative journey for me over the last 18 months creating making it. As an artist, I pride myself on always trying to push myself forward and to keep evolving. I have worked very hard to produce an album that has a good balance between club/electronic/soul and have collaborated with great vocalists from the UK and America to bring it all to life.

I spent a lot of time going back and fourth between London and America to record the main body of vocals on the album, working with some great up and coming talent and also some legends from New York including ASTR, Prodigy Of Mobb Deep, Jenna Andrews, Andrea Martin, Billie Black and Melissa Whiskey. The main thing for me was to work with people who could bring something new and different to the record and who were up for collaborating with the vision I had for this album.” -Redlight

Listen on Spotify
Download Here


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