Get To Know: Baileys Brown

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We caught up with UK producer Baileys Brown, to hear a bit about him, and his journey so far.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and how you came about being a producer?
I’m a Bristol based beat chef and dope MC. I grew up with a love for music in general, Hip-Hop really caught my ear from a young age. I don’t know why, but I didn’t start rapping until I went to college and linked up with some boys on the Music Tech Course, even though I was doing Art and Design haha!

I started producing when I was 19, when some dude on my course gave me a copy of reason in my first year at uni. Before that I had only really been spitting. One of the main reasons i started trying to make beats is that no one was making the beats I wanted to spit on. Then I got so into it, I pretty much stopped rapping to concentrate on getting better at making beats.

You’ve mostly worked with rappers, and rap yourself. What inspired you to make “Techknowledge” a rap free album and what inspired you to work with the singers on the album?
I started working with singers because I got bored of the predictable format and direction of Hip-Hop for a while, more as a producer than a listener. I wanted to challenge myself and learn some new sh*t, I even took piano lessons haha.
i’ve known all the singers on my releases for years so it was a pretty natural progression, and one where the artists I worked with are so experienced and good at what they do, that I was learning something new and having to keep up every day, instead of just going through the motions.

How have you seen American Hip Hop culture influence what is currently UK Hip Hop?
American Hip-Hop culture is, was and always will be a big influence on the UK Hip-Hop scene, whether it’s the underground or the mainstream, the states is the source, “mecca” haha. Obviously it’s only influence though, there’s still a very UK feel to everything that happens here. It’s all cold, theres no LA or MIAMI scene here, everywhere’s cold haha.


Tell us a bit about Dedw8, and how it came about?
Dedw8 is a production duo made up of myself and Bewbonik (Blanka split prophets) and we both rap too. It basically started off when Bewbonik came to my yard to bun a head. We were just kicking it and talking about what we were working on at that time. We got waved and started making a beat. We ended up lacing it the same night and dedw8 was born. We went on to smash out loads of tracks over about 9 months and now were gearing up for our first release “-21g” due in Feb/March. Check our first video on Youtube

What has been your musical highlight of 2015, and why?
My musical highlight of 2015 is either the levels of work that dedw8 have been hitting (obviously thats just me saying that because there’s not much out there for other people to hear but ye you got some dope sh*t coming your way). If not that then for complex to stream Techknowledge was a real big moment for me, in the sense of an acknowledgement that it is dope, I weren’t delusional haha.

Who would be like to collaborate with most, and why? (MC’s or Producers)
If I’m going to say who it’s gonna have to be like mad wish list shit. I’d say Alchemist or Madlib, and Joey Badass or Styles P. They would be dope, them joints would be sick too, every one of them a classic!

Finally, give us your top 3 most inspirational tracks of all time, and why?
Top 3 most inspirational tracks of all time haha WOW.

Jay Dilla – Money

Roy Davis JR – Gabriel

Dizzee Rascal Ft. Wiley – Too Far

You can buy Baileys Brown’s album “Techknowledge” HERE


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