PRofit’s Top 5 UK Vocalists/MC’s

Difficult to pick, there are loads of heavy people out there. Plus it can all change when someone is on a track or live, playing a small show, working a big crowd. I’m sure the list will change depending on the week. For the that reason j have to big up Jehst, Deadly Hunter and Trip as hey are both heavy. Trip’s album was one of the best I’ve heard.

Still back to picking out just five.

– Rodney P

We all know he is the Godfather, but he’s just got this air of confidence when he get’s on stage, He’s got a natural charisma when get touches the mic.

– MC Dynamite

Wicked voice, multiple flows and throw the singing into the mix, done! I’ve seen him live a few times and went on after him and Roni Size at Glastonbury last year and before him this year and watching him work is dope. He’s got the content but also can bring vibes to a crowd.

– Durrty Goodz

Flow, lyrics, delivery, vibes – Goodz proves he can switch up flows and delivery. Listening to rappers with one flow is cool, if you like their flow, if you don’t then it can put you off them, regardless of their lyrics or tone etc. If a rappers got more than one flow then more chances you will be feeling them.

– Alex Clare

Wicked voice! ‘Too Close’ is still once of my favourites and his voice, delivery and lyrics are all really good. When you hear Alex, you know it’s him.

– Neech

I’ve known and worked with Neech for several years now and she’s one of my favourite people. It’s just a massive bonus that she has a great voice and when she really goes for it, dam she can really wail.

True Colours Pt. II feat. Chip Fu & Jah Mirikle

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