Sun People: Top 5 artists to watch in 2016

Sun People aka Simon / Off is about to drop his “Swinging Flavors #1 on Beat Machine Records. This is his debut release on the label with a 6-minute banger filled with heavy bass vibes & toms sorrounded by chopped but smooth female vocals and spacey synths. (Listen below)


‘Swinging Flavours’ is the first in a new series of 7′ & Digital releases by Beat Machine Records that explores a ‘Dancefloor’ focused sound. The release also features a remix by Ninja Tunes own Moresounds. We have to say, this release is an absolutely BANGING way to start the new year! If this EP is anything to go by, the ‘Swinging Flavours’ series is going to be something very special. Here at Bass Fudge, we love the fact that the releases will be on 7′. This is defiantly one for the vinyl nerds and beat heads.

You can pre-order the release HERE from Beat Machine Record’s Bandcamp

On the eve of his release on Beat Machine Recordings, we caught up Sun People to find out who his Top 5 Artists to Watch in 2016 are.

(This list is in no particular order)

He is one of the few producers in Europe who manage to catch that original Chicago vibe while giving it a very personal and special flavour.  Also, Franjazzco is not takin’ it too serious – while listening his tunes you can literally see him with a impish smile on his face. Beside producing he’s also running the excellent Footwork Frenzy label and is one of the most gifted DJs i know.
Actually the man is already well known for his Reboot series. But I guess he will drop loads of great stuff in 2016.

Musically speaking I feel like he’s a brother from another mother. Also one of my daughters favourite producers – she can’t be wrong!

A young and very talented guy from my hometown Graz. His second EP  “Lifetime” will drop mid January on Tiefparterre Records.
I’m following his production since about 3 years now. He is able to build very versatile, unpredictable and well constructed pieces.

The general vibe is somehow laid-back and relaxed but on the same time it’s just great, banging dancefloor material.

Love how he is incorparating Jungle elements into his slightly weird but highly effective, heavy tunes.

Check his “French Cola” EP or that “Darline EP” on Modern Ruin Records. Good stuff!

Sonido Berzerk
This guy is from Veracruz, Mexico. A very versatile producer. It might be synth-driven, bass-heavy, or vocal-based tunes, but he always manage to give his tracks a kind of different, slighly Tropical and Afro influenced feel. Love that.

Also check out his label TenToesTurbo. Some crazy stuff on there!


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