Insomniax Top 5 Tracks

Insomniax is a collaboration of two producers, Renzo (Damien Fellows) and Freshold (Oliver Millin) hailing from the South West, UK. Renzo and Freshold have both been devoted to making dance music since the early rave days of the 90s.

After getting their tunes into the hands of Viper Recordings boss Futurebound, the duo were signed to the label in 2014 and made their debut on the prestigious Headroom EP series with the track ‘Digital Murder’. Following their Viper debut, they released two tracks ‘Can’t Resist’ and ‘Over Again VIP’ which were featured on Viper’s Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2014 album, along with an exclusive DJ mix by Insomniax. The duo then went on to work with Viper Recordings artists, Six Blade, to produce ‘Contact’ which was released on Viper’s 10 year anniversary album, ‘Decade’.

Now fresh off the back of their latest track ‘Lunar Dub’ which was featured on Viper’s Drum & Bass Annual 2016 album, Insomniax come with their debut single on Viper VIP with ‘Uridium / Longest Night’.

We caught up with Insomniax to hear their top 5 tracks at the moment…

Break – Gave too Much (feat Kyo)

One of our favourite producers with one of our favourite tracks from his latest album. Great vocals, great chords, funky drop with a great beat+bassline

Mefjus – Blitz

Great dancefloor track and Mefjus’s best tune for a long while. Have heard this at least once at pretty much every dnb night we’ve been at for the last few months

Shapeshifter and the Upbeats – Solitaire (Ulterior Motive Remix)

With all these great artists involved in one track it couldnt really go wrong, massive remix with a huge b-line

Zero T – My Name (Lenzman Remix)

Amazing remix, deeper than deep jazz piano with some of the cleverest and most sonically pleasing production we’ve ever heard on this sort of track. timeless

Prototypes – City of Gold

Huge title track from the lads latest album, this one never fails to go off and literally has one of the most crazily produced snare drums we’ve ever heard

Like this release? Buy it HERE.


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