Gradual are back with new EP

As drum and bass made deeper inroads into the sunlit land of daytime radio and mainstream acceptance in 2015, the underground scene was defined by the dark and technical sound of neurofunk. And repping that style for Technique are one of their most recent signings, the Spanish production team made up of veterans Alerstorm and Ice Stereo, a team now known as Gradual.

1 ) Please tell us what you’ve been up to since your last release on Technique.
We have been working hard on a lot of songs, two of which are the new single that we have the cooperation of the great (MC Coppa) and many others that we have stored in the breech. Strengthening our style working together and hit up the sound GRADUAL.

2) Beware ft. Coppa is sick! How did this collaboration come along?
We wanted a fat vocal for a track … and Boom! Simon Bassline put us in touch with Coppa! We started working on the track and here you have the results, we note that not be the last!

3) How do you think this release is different from the last one?
Of course these vocals! Really with this single we wanted to create two perfectly danceable songs without losing the essence of neuro dark!

4) What have you got lined up for 2016?
2016 … we are working on new collaborations and a lot of new songs you will hear this year, radio podcast for shows, so we hope to see you soon on a gig, stay tuned!!!!

To be released on 12th February . Pre-order HERE


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