Get to know… Rhythm Rollers

With Ghosty’s remixes of Stormin and MC Neat’s Bad Bassline dropping this Friday, we caught up with the label to get to know what they are all about. Safe to say that Rhythm Rollers is one to watch in 2016.

Get it here.

Please tell us about the label’s background. When and how did it all start?

Rhythm Rollers consists of 3 DJ/Producers ; Rinseout, Ghosty and Rob Rolls IT, who is also our in house tech guy.

 In 2015, due to some unusual circumstances, starting a label seemed to be a no brainer. It was very spontaneous and all seemed to fall into place nicely, almost accidentally!

Which artists you’re working with at the moment? What’s their backgrounds and how would you describe their sound?

Stormin was our very first artist to sign and needs no introduction. He’s is a really versatile artist, despite being know mostly for his jump up DnB MC’ing. We are working with him on his album and a few other projects at the moment. His upcoming material covers a broad spectrum of styles, but as you might expect, all has a lots of energy and character. He has a very long history with UK Music, that goes back to the early days of Grime as a member of the Nasty Crew.
Fireteam was our second signing and consists of DJ Trimer and MC Mekar. These guys are destroying dance floors on a regular basis in the UK and abroad playing a heavy style of DNB and there sound reflects this perfectly.
Shayper – We think this guy is going to be a big name in the future – His style is super clean DnB with a really heavy vibe, in some ways it reminds me of early Photek. Definitely one to watch out for, his EP is set for a May release.


You just released the new Stormin track ‘Buss It’ including a wicked video. What the idea behind it and how is it doing with the crowds?

To be honest got to give all credit to Stormin on this one – was a mad idea that just seemed to work. We expect nothing less form this guy, he’s full of ideas and has a great energetic aura around him. We have seen him Buss the ‘Buss It’ lyrics over sets live and it goes off!!

What have been absolute highlights since the start of the label?

Releasing ‘Bad Bassline’ with Stormin and MC Neat was a very proud moment to kick Rhythm Rollers off. Also, organising some of the potential collaborations and seeing things begin to take shape has been amazing….there’s some very exciting stuff on the way.

What have you got lined up for this year?

This year will be a busy year for us and the release schedule is looking good. Stormin’s first Album (Heart N Soul) is on route following a grime EP, and we have several EP’s being released by Fireteam and Shayper amongst others – plus some great remixes.

Where can people hear the sound of Rhythm Rollers next? Any gigs happening soon?

Stormin’s super busy gigging as per usual and 2016 is the year of the SASASAS Tour.  Rinseout, Shayper & Trimer from Fireteam can be heard playing regularly on the mighty Rough Tempo Radio and Cyndicut FM.
Check out our website, Twitter and Facebook to hear the latest releases and to keep up to date with the latest Rhythm Rollers news!

If Rhythm Rollers was an animal what would it be and why?

Mantis Shrimp because they’re mega.



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