Dossa & Locuzzed – Q&A

Dossa & Locuzzed deliver one bad tune for the brand new Viper Recordings compilation ‘The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016’. The guys from Austria have a  chat with us about their exclusive contribution to the LP.

12033137_894173483997685_4281562016204702341_nPlease tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?
Hello we’re Benni & Rene. We both live in a sleepy town in Austria called St. Pölten and have been making music together for a year now. The past few months were all about finishing tunes and stocking up on studio gear – we can’t wait to let you all hear our new stuff!

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?
After the release of our Track “Hollow” on the Summer Slammers LP last year, we sent another bunch of tracks to Brendan Futurebound, who kept us motivated to increase the mixdowns & quality of our productions. ‘Bad’ was the first of these tracks we we’re 100% happy with.

Please tell us a bit about your track featured on ‘ The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016’.
‘Bad’ was one of the first tracks we didn’t compose on a computer. The riff was born on a guitar. Fun Fact: The vocal doesn’t actually say ‘bad’, it’s just a cutup vocal – but Bad simply goes off!!!

What are your plans for 2016?
We already have a bunch of releases in the pipeline, next one will be our single ‘Himalaya’on Mainframe Recordings in April. Also we gonna play at some big festival this year, we look forward to see what 2016 brings for us

Get all tracks here.


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