Corban – It Is Finished [Bass Disciples] FREE DOWNLOAD

The 5th and final album by the veteran emcee Easton Wilson known as Corban. 11 years after the release of his first album back in 2004 comes his last ever album ‘It Is Finished’.

1. In The Flesh
2. Against All Odds Ft. Cyclonious & Messiahbolical
3. The Resurrection
4. Sin City 2 Ft. Jahaziel
5. Made Whole
6. Hip-Hope Ft. D7, Soloman Gahazi & The Praying Mantis
7. Power
8. Patricia Malcom
9. Braille Bars
10. REP Set Ft. Baliva, Nebiyah, Zeal & Saint
11. Lord Willing Ft. Melvillous
12. Day Dreaming
13. The First Stone
14. Public Apology
15. Beautifully Simple
16. It Is Finished



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