Various Artists – Xperiments EP [Vivid Sounds]

Basic Forces is on form with this floaty vibe found in Out Of The Box, and this is a track that takes you up to heady heights with it’s beautiful warm atmospherics, yet keeps you grounded with a warm bass, meaty enough to keep your feet on the ground moving, but not flabby enough to weigh you down! An absolute beauty of a track for any liquid lovers of drum and bass!


Detour has an experimental track with dark waves of big bass going all the way through. Your Love is a dark, bass filled, experimental and minimal, yet huge track with dance-floor energy or head nod excitability. The track starts off almost trance-like, but changes into something almost on the edge of sinister, but keeping a bit of lightness with a few ‘old skool’ synth touches.

Half Grid is a typical, no holds barred, in your face, harshly satisfying piece of industrial sounds put together by Dungeon Master. So indicative of his style, yet slightly different with a kick-centric style of beats formation (somewhat similar to Detour’s Your Love) and what is totally what you should expect to hear from him.

Don’t Vote by Taelimb is one of those tracks that takes you on a ride from start to finish. The fluid bass carries you along amazing sonic sound waves in spectacular fashion. With elements of industrialised sounds and moody brilliantly crafted atmosphere, this track is sure to be a crowd favourite!

A little about the label…
Vivid Sounds is a digital drum and bass label that had it’s first release in July 2015 with Threshold’s The Sticky Planets EP which was a great kick off. Followed shortly by a two track EP – Inceptive by Detour, and Darkness EP from Dungeon Master. The latest release; Xperiments EP, features Detour, Basic Forces, Dungeon Master and Taelimb. The label seems to stick on the darker side of the drum and bass spectrum with interesting ideas. The focus is more on the feel of things, where imperfections and grit is more the pulling factor than overall polish.

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