Mantis’ Top 5 Tunes

To follow up their #1 charting Dubstep (Beatport) release, metal influenced EDM act Mantis make their debut on Crime Kitchen.  The story of the Avidity EP, a 5 song concept in Mantis’s own words “We wanted to challenge ourselves with this release. We wanted to make an EP that was one cohesive piece of music, but also able to be listened to as separate tracks. We wanted to take the listener on a journey through various soundscapes and atmospheres all while transcending different genres of EDM. We wanted to bring some fresh vibes to this EP, but at the same time retain the Mantis sound that we have become known for. We’d like to think of this as our EDMasterpiece!”

We spoke to the guys to get to know their Top 5 tracks they’re feeling at the moment.

1. Fasle Panic- Horizon

This song is an absolute monster and goes off every single set!
2. Phiso – Jotaro

Probably one of the most played songs of last year and will continue to be played, shit’s a banger!

3. Zomboy – Like a Bitch

This song is an absolute smasher, and tons of fun.

4.Skism & Trampa – Blackhole

The sound design in this song is off the charts.

5. Barely Alive – scoop (Mayhem & Antiserum Remix)

This song was made by some close friends and is absolutely awesome.

Check out Mantis brand-new release below, buy it HERE.





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