Chopstick Dubplate – Chopstick in Wonderland – Remixes

Transported out of the future by the power of Jah Ionizer straight from Wonderland, Cheshire’s tall tales re-materialize through the looking glass of each crew member present during the disappearance. The control centre computer logs show immediately what happened and let us experience first-hand the remixomatic effect of Jah Ionisation.

King Yoof starts with a rose-tinted South London version of ‘I’m Sure’, followed by Birmingham’s Jinx and ’Troddin’ On’. The smokily irrepressible Aries & Jacky Murda insist on starting with ‘Just the Herbs’ , and continue by recounting Sticky Joe’s story of sticky situations with overzealous constabulary on his rootsy rendition of ‘Police Officer’. The final chapter sees an excursion through authentic 90’s cassette history as ‘Bounty Hunter’ is translated by Rahmanee, revealing the shocking conundrum of an unexpected ending!

 Get it HERE


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