North Base’s Pool Essentials

We’re ready for summer to kick off and so is Technique Recordings. Lots of new exclusive tracks are about to be unleashed with Technique Summer 2016 on 1st July. North Base joined in and on top of that the guys from Manchester share their favourite tunes that are guaranteed to go off during an afternoon at the pool. ENJOY!

Pre-order Technique Summer HERE

1. Dr Dre – All In A Days Work – Compton LP

You know when you kick back poolside the mighty DRE has to be up loud and proud such a good album hope to see more music from him soon.

2. T.E.E.D – Tapes & Money – Trouble – LP

We all love a bit of Teed! The guy is a genius sings and performs at the same time and such a nice guy too! Keep an eye out for his new stuff.

3. Tyler The Creator – Awkward.

New kid on the block Tyler has been making waves right now, this one is a laid back number but with that Tyler style all over it! Even tho poolside it can get a big Aggy LOL.

4. SG Lewis – Yours – PMR.

Another genius out there making music this guy just has so much soul that it’s untrue! Defo poolside music right here!

5. Sampha – Too Much

No beats just piano and vocals. Sampha is one of our favs right now would love to work with him on a dnb track!



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