Duck Fight Goose – horse [D Force Records]

“And lost be the day to us in which a measure hath not been danced.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Duck Fight Goose is back. Four years in the making, their second studio album CLVB ZVKVNFT will be officially released on August 12, 2016 by D Force Records. Ahead of that, here’s the official release of its first single, “horse”.

“horse” was first released at the beginning of 2016 on Fu Dao I: D Force Records First Anniversary Compilation. This new version features many adjustments in arrangement and timbre, more thoroughly revealing the inner workings of the band’s concept and aesthetic. Full of rich sonic detail, layered synthesizers build a grand, magnificent vision of the sea, swelling like an approaching tsunami, with a powerful rhythm section and a coolly beautiful vocoded croon inciting the listener to dance.

“horse” is the climax of CLVB ZVKVNFT . The album’s narrative world is a post-modern science fiction Odyssey: aliens, AI and humans converge, seeking shelter from the building storm a the foot of a giant rollercoaster, in a building marked CLVB ZVKVNFT. All these strange creatures began to dance to the beat; in the end, the boundary between one being and another dissolves. “You were staring at the sea, watching all the horses coming from the waves, passing passing by you. You were sitting on the edge, watching all the death coming from the city, passing passing by you.” In Greek mythology, the sea god Poseidon chose the horse as his avatar.

CLVB ZVKVNFT by Duck Fight Goose and Northern Electric Shadow by DOC will both be released on August 12 by D Force Records on CD and vinyl LP, as well as digitally. The two bands have very different styles, but they share a similar sense of joy in creating music, boldly challenging existing genres and categories. The two bands will combine in an original multimedia conceptual concert, Limbic Man, which will be held in Shanghai at August 12 and Beijing on August 20. Duck Fight Goose will also participate in Modern Sky music festivals this autumn in Finland and the United States.

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