Rob Sparx: Top 5 Defining Moments in Dubstep

Migration head-honcho, Rob Sparx talks through his top defining moments in Dubstep. Rob, with the help of Attractions B, has just released ‘Flute Player’ on the label which is available on the No Drama EP.  The EP also includes releases from Kachina, Wigz and K-Dubs.  Listen below.

Get your copy HERE

Digital Mystikz – Jah Fire
The first dubstep tune I heard set the blueprint for the style that still holds to this day. By popular demand the genre has been led into a few sub genre cul de sacs since then but the original perfect mix of dub/garage/grime without too much reliance on the halfstep still sounds as good now as it did back then.


Skream – Midnight Request Line
Very catchy classic that got a huge amount of plays on the underground stations rinse etc and was a big influence on many other producers styles.

Burial – Archangel
Master of deep emotional dubstep/garage who revolutionised the use of texture (recorded sound) in music. This tune was all over daytime radio and for years after the release of his 2nd album his music was everywhere and got dubstep a lot of attention including that ridiculous Sun newspaper episode.


Joker – Snake Eater
One of my favourite Joker tunes his purple style was a breath of fresh air and much needed at the time. One foot in dubstep the other in grime Joker and his Bristol associated went against the grain and pushed a lively colourful sound rich in melodies with a huge nod to hiphop 80’s synths and chip music.


Bar9 – Shaolin Sound
There was a brief time in the late noughties when the heavy side of dubstep was in its prime before silly season started when these guys were leading the way and this tune was a big part of that. The sub heavy dub sound mixed with those ridiculously heavy expertly distorted mid range basses was a popular and powerful combination that angered some purists but bought a lot of new fans into the genre.


Get your copy of the No Drama EP on Migration HERE


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