Dub FX – ‘I’ve always hated how shallow popular music’ (Interview)

Dub FX never stops touring. We actually don’t know where he finds time to make albums, and extremely good ones at that. Well, he does, and he just dropped his new one. Thinking Clear came out last month as well as his new video, ‘Fake Paradise’ (see below)

We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with him for an interview and find out a bit about the man himself.

1. The new album ‘Thinking Clear’ is a real musical journey. What influenced you during the making of it?

I get influenced by so many things, daily life is the main thing… I love listening to so many different styles of music so I tried to cram it all in there… I feel like as long as music is soulful it doesn’t matter how you make it.

2. The whole album has a very ‘conscious’ feel to it. Is delivering a message through your music important to you?

Absolutely, I’ve always hated how shallow popular music always is, I decided from the beginning that if I was to write music I needed to say something that I felt was important without it being contrived or cheesy…

3. You have dates coming up in September in the UK in London, Bristol and Manchester. What can we expect from these shows?

I love performing in the UK, its my favourite country to perform in! I love how everyone is so into their music, more than any other country in the world.

4. Your touring schedule is very heavy. How do you keep yourself sane on the road? Mediation? Yoga?

haha, sanity?? I’m a pretty nutty guy anyway! But yeah I do “chi kung” and some meditation. but I’ve been doing this for 10 years so I’m pretty good at keeping my shit together on the road… I just stay calm, listen to tunes, watch movies and write lyrics.

5. If there was one artist you could do your dream collaboration with, dead or alive, who would it be?

Either Bob Marely or Frank Sinatra. Because they are my two biggest inspirations.

6. Whats next for you?

Touring, touring and more touring!


Buy ‘Think Clear’ HERE

If you’re in the UK make sure you check DUB FX live on his tour:

DubFX tour flyer.jpg







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