DJ Rap – Detonate [Propa Talent]

DJ Rap is the undisputed queen of the turntables and considered to be one of the pioneers in drum & bass and Jungle music. She exploded onto the electronic music scene in the golden era of the rave scene with unparalleled passion and innovation that has influenced generations of producers and DJs. But music is not the only string to her bow, she also has an extremely successful acting career. Continue reading

Caspa – 33 Degrees [Sub Soldiers]

The late night tremors persist… Caspa’s single-track ‘Vibrations Series’ continues with another demonstrative dead drop. Having launched late last year with the perennial underground smasher ‘Umbongo’, followed by the heavy drama and high demand of ‘Venom’ and ‘Get Higher’ the low-end pioneer’s mission is simple: To deliver crystal club hitters with singular focus on quality, no unnecessary fluff or flab to any release, just precision focused primetime dark room bass that make every bone in your body vibrate. Well, the clue is in the title.

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Mark Ruff Ryder – An Album of Joy [Strictly Underground Records]

The dance music world has changed so much since its beginnings of illegal warehouse raves and congregating at the petrol station phone box waiting for that phone to ring so that everyone could find out where that secret warehouse rave was taking place.
Yes, you would have to go back to 1989 and the birth of raving to truly ever understand how magical it really was and how the unity and love of all people from all walks of life would gather just to dance the night away.

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